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June 6, 2015

HOA Q&A: Late fees

The HOA has always charged late fees; they are required by your covenants and restrictions. They also have been charged before Colby Property Management assumed the management of the HOA. We want everybody to have a clear explanation as to what the late fees are, so here is a brief rundown of when late fees are charged, and how much they are.

Charge Date Amount Basis
1st Day of Qtr $70.00 Article VII, Section C, as amended in 2007
1st Late Fee 15th day of Qtr $20.00 Article VIII, paragraph 3, as amended in 2007
Add'l Late Fees each 30 days $10.00 Article VIII, paragraph 3, as amended in 2007

By way of example, here are the charges an account will receive if the quarterly assessment is NOT paid in the quarter that it is due for:

Date Charge Amount Balance
7/1/2015 Quarterly Assessment $70.00 $70.00
7/16/2015 First Late Fee $20.00 $90.00
7/31/2015 Additional Late Fee $10.00 $100.00
8/31/2015 Additional Late Fee $10.00 $110.00
9/30/2015 Additional Late Fee $10.00 $120.00
10/1/2015 Quarterly Assessment $70.00 $190.00
10/1/2015 No 'First Late Fee' on Oct. assessment since acct is already in arrears $190.00
10/31/2015 Additional Late Fee $10.00 $200.00
11/30/2015 Additional Late Fee $10.00 $210.00
12/31/2015 Additional Late Fee $10.00 $220.00